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Telehealth services offered in Brunswick, GA

Telehealth improves access to health services, making it easier for people to get medical care without leaving their home.  Brunswick Medical offers many services through telehealth, including chronic disease management, medication management and weight management.

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Telehealth Q&A

Is telehealth the same as telemedicine?

Many people use the terms telehealth and telemedicine interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Telehealth is a general term that refers to any health service that uses advanced telecommunication technology to provide medical care from a distance.

Telemedicine is a telehealth service where you meet with your health care provider by video or phone so that you don’t have to drive to an office. Electronic health education, electronic prescriptions, and remote patient monitoring devices are also telehealth services.

Can I use telehealth to manage my diabetes?

Brunswick Medical uses telehealth for chronic disease management of health conditions like diabetes. Telehealth allows us to monitor your diabetes while you go about your day, helping us to create a more personalized and effective plan.

At Brunswick Medical, many condidtions  and treatment plans can be managed through telemedicine,  like medication management, however patients may be asked to come into the office for additional assessments. 

What happens during a virtual telehealth appointment?

The specifics of your virtual telehealth appointment at Brunswick Medical will depend on the reason for your visit, your age, and your health history. 

During your visit our medical provider focuses on asking detailed questions about your health.  Telemedicine visits enables the provider the ability to educate you about your health and offer treatment plans, prescribe medication, and share educational matrerial when needed.  

If an accurate diagnosis can not be obtained through telehealth, an office visit may be requested. 

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